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gourmet food and fine dining
Concierge Services
Concierge to VIPs and Celebrities
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fine dining and gourmet restaurants

VIP-Las Vegas offers elite concierge services for those who want nothing but the best. Our concierges have access to the best travel rates for hotels, flights and car services and we can provide travel to any destination in the United States and international. VIP-Las Vegas can facilitate any type of event from weddings to large corporate meeting spaces and even convention planning. The staff at VIP-Las Vegas has relationships with top notch restaurants and nightclubs for access that only VIPs or celebrities would appreciate.

We offer amazing Las Vegas tour packages from helicopter tours at night over looking the neon city to Hoover Dam, Grand Canyon and limousine tours up and down the Las Vegas Strip. VIP-Las Vegas has the access to sold out shows, concerts, and the best deals on sporting events. Our concierges can provide elite services such as casino marketing hosts and executive VIP entry into nightclubs. VIP-Las Vegas also offers personal concierge services such as spa treatments, salons, gyms and even personal security for anyone who knows the value of being a VIP or you just want to feel like one.

VIP Las Vegas concierges can put you in touch with what is happening and help you get all the VIP treatment you deserve. We'll keep you informed of all the latest specials and upcoming events and make sure you don't miss out on any of the action.

Join our mailing lists or visit our website regularly to keep informed of the happening places in and around Las Vegas.


VIP Las Vegas, your online connection to all of the great entertainment Las Vegas has to offer. We are always here, ready to serve your needs.

VIP Hosts - Concierges - Limousines - Hotels - Tours - Clubs - Shows - Golf and more!

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