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VIP-LasVegas is proud to feature the finest restaurants in Las Vegas. We are committed to making your trip a memorable one and as such we are not only hooking you up with great deals, but we are constantly reviewing sponsors and locating new ones. At VIP-LasVegas your satisfaction is our success.

To the left you will find our list of preferred restaurants and fine dining establishments, providing excellent food and gourmet dishes. Select a restaurant and you will be presented with information and a sample menu for that establishment.

After you are thru browsing the restaurants be sure and visit the other sections of our website. Limousines - Nightclubs - Hotels and more. VIP-LasVegas is your Hook-Up, so come on and join the party, allow us to help make your trip to Las Vegas a memorable one!


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VIP Las Vegas, your online connection to all of the great entertainment Las Vegas has to offer. We are always here, ready to serve your needs.

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